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Biewer Terrier Babies Make room for Daddy Biewer Terrier Trio Biewer Terrier Club of America Representative Lounging Biewer Terrier

Biewer Terrier Babies

Beautiful Biewer Terrier Babies. Whether you have two or ten together, they always happy and loving toward each other....

I think someone is trying to get on the couch.

Although I am taking up all the room right now, I will move over....

Biewer Terrier Trio

The Biewer Terrier is a very loving, obedient breed....

Biewer Terrier

This is a near perfect example of the Biewer Terrier. Long soft, silky hair, a beautiful tri colored face with good symmetry, and great conformation....

Lounging Biewer Terrier

I can not think of anything better, than lounging with my Biewer Terrier ....

Life is wondeerful Beautiful Biewer Terrier Relaxing Precious Biewer Terrier Biewer Terriers Enjoying the Fall
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"Biewer Terrier Info"

Whether you are a breeder or someone in search of a Biewer Terrier, you will find some very interesting and helpful articles as you read about this delightful, enchanting breed.

"About the BTCA"

You will find a host of material about the BTCA, Inc., including membership enrollment, history, By-Laws and Constitution, plus information in general, on its various activities.

"BTCA Members"

Here you will find a complete list of our members along with their contact information.  If you are interested in joining the BTCA, the instructions will be provided on this page.


What's New

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We hope you enjoy our new site. We still have a little work to do, but we feel you will be better educated about the Biewer Terrier after going through our site.  If you have any suggestions please contact our webmaster.

Current News

Brisa is our Biewer Terrier representative

The Biewer Terrier is being recognized World wide now as a breed of its own. You can register your purebred Biewer Terrier with AKC/FSS, UKC and BTRA in the United States. We are working with other countries to help them with their recognition process and look forward to developing a strong, healthy foundation for the Biewer Terrier. For more information, visit our registry page.

Recent Events

Ann Schultz showing the first AKC Show

Dec. 12 - 15, 2014

The BTCA would like to share the results of the first AKC competition. We are very proud to share the accomplishments of Rey Guzman and Ed Valle who took "Best in Show" during the Lagotto Romagnolo show, with Over the Moon's Dharma Miss Magic, "Venus", and Ann Schultz who took "Best in Show", and "Group 4", with Moore Bowwag Foundation Firef8tr, "Flame". We had a fantastic time at the Meet the Breeds with great results.

Welcome to the Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc....

The official web site of the Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc., the (AKC/FSS) affiliate club.  As the foundation club to the Biewer Terrier, the BTCA, Inc. represents breeders and pet owners throughout the United States and around the World.  The dedication and devotion of the members to adhere to the strict guidelines it takes to develop a new breed are to be commended.  It has not been an easy road, but the rewards have been monumental, and whether you are a breeder or a pet owner, the love of the Biewer Terrier is the common bond of this club.

We will be taking you through the life of the Biewer Terrier, beginning in Germany with the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom Pon, and ending in America with the Biewer Terrier.  The BTCA was formed to educate the general public and breeders alike about the Biewer Terrier. We are also mindful about keeping America updated on the ever developing process a new breed goes through on its journey to full recognition as a purebred dog.

Our newest feature which we are sure you will enjoy, is the "Listings Page", where our members can let the public know when they have puppies available or maybe they just want to brag a little on what the dogs in their homes are doing.  Maybe someone has just received a "Best in Breed" or better yet, a "Best in Show" and they would like to share that wonderful news with the rest of the world.  You do not have to pay to view this feature, although we are asking you to sign in because of spammers.  We hope this feature will help you in your search for a new family member or to just enjoy the beautiful babies being produced by the dedicated BTCA members.

"Contacts and Links" will take you to the contact information for the board and committee members, as well as other related links that you may fine of interest.  We hope we have covered everything, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact any one of the board members at any time.

Enjoy your visit and we hope you will go away with a better understanding of this rare, captivating breed, the Biewer Terrier.  Please let us know if we can be of any assistance, if you are thinking about breeding, adding a new family member or just wanting to learn more about this endearing breed.


Due to the overwhelming interest in the Biewer Terrier at the Meet the Breeds last year, we have decided to hold our 2015 Specialty in conjunction with the 2015 AKC Eukanuba Show.

... We will keep you updated as we receive information ...

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